May 31, 2012

Winky Wright concedes defeat to only one fighter: Paul Williams

The Punisher beat Winky
By Jeffrey Freeman -- During a recent media conference call to promote his upcoming June 2nd comeback fight against Peter "Kid Chocolate" Quillin on Showtime, former world champion Ronald "Winky" Wright talked about some of the highs and lows he encountered during his illustrious career. Winning four world titles. Victories over Shane Mosley, Felix Trinidad, and Ike Quartey. Coming within a point of winning the Undisputed Middleweight Championship against Jermain Taylor. It was a career of mostly all highs but what about those lows? KO Digest asked the now 40 year old Wright about the five losses and one draw on his record and which (if any) of these he considers to be legitimate.

Of the five losses and one draw on his record, Wright concedes defeat to only one man, Paul "The Punisher" Williams. Wright lost a wide unanimous decision to Williams in his last fight back in 2009. "My timing was off, but I do believe Paul Williams won that fight."

Only days after Wright made these comments, Williams was involved in a tragic career threatening motorcycle accident which doctors say have left him paralyzed. As far as those other four losses and one draw on his record, Winky broke them all down for KO Digest and here is what he had to say about each fight.

Julio Cesar Vasquez: In Wright's first loss as a pro, he dropped a twelve round unanimous decision to Vasquez in a 1994 bid for the WBA junior middleweight title. "I outboxed Vasquez. I slipped so much they gave him five knockdowns, and at least three of them were slips. But he didn't hit me on the chin or ever hurt me. The last two in the last round, I was just tired and he pushed me down. That was my first time going twelve rounds."

Simon says 26-0

Harry Simon: Wright lost his first world title, the WBO junior middleweight version, to Simon in 1998.

"The fight overseas with Simon, they called that a draw and then thirty minutes later they changed the decision so that was definitely not a loss. I fought him in South Africa, his home country and at first they said it was a draw.  I left and went to my dressing room - took a shower, got dressed, and got ready to leave. They said come back to the ring because they changed the decision (from a draw to a loss). I said, you all must be crazy if you think I'm going back into that ring."

Fernando Vargas: In 1999, just two fights after losing his WBO title to Simon, Wright challenged the undefeated IBF junior middleweight champion, Fernando Vargas. The majority decision in favor of Vargas was highly controversial and remains so to this day. "I definitely beat Fernando Vargas."

Jermain Taylor: The only draw on Wright's record came in a 2006 challenge of Jermain Taylor for the World Middleweight Championship. This was a very close fight that truly could have gone either way, but not according to Wright, "I definitely beat Taylor."

An evening with BHOP

Bernard Hopkins: Going into this 2007 World Light Heavyweight title fight against Champion Bernard Hopkins, Wright was on a seven year winning streak. Twelve rounds and a pint of blood later, his streak would end as Hopkins was awarded a unanimous decision in defense of his Light Heavyweight title.

"I still think I beat Bernard. He did nothing but hold and headbutt. Ya, he came on late but that's because I had a big cut on my eye. I didn't quit, I didn't give up. I could have said it was a headbutt, that I can't see - let's stop the fight and let's go to the scorecards but I wanted to fight the whole way though."

So there you have it. In his 57 professional fights against the very best that boxing has to offer, Ronald "Winky" Wright concedes defeat to only one fighter, Paul Williams.

"Williams was a tall awkward kid, really hard to gauge. I went to the press conference after the fight, the first time I ever did that - and I told him he did his thing. Williams is the one fighter who I feel beat me."