September 28, 2011

Dawson happy to be back with Scully, ready to regain title!‏
"Bad" Chad Dawson addressed the media today via international conference call along with his trainers John "Iceman" Scully and Ronald "Winky" Wright in promotion for his upcoming fight against Light Heavyweight Champion Bernard Hopkins.

Boxing fans will remember Wright and Scully for their many in the ring exploits but now both former fighters are turning their attention towards training former champion Chad Dawson as he prepares to face Bernard "The Executioner" Hopkins on October 15th in a fight for Hopkins' Light Heavyweight Championship.

Dawson answered several questions about his recent decision to switch trainers for the fight. When the fight was initially signed, Dawson was with the legendary Emanuel Stewart. Last month, Dawson surprised the boxing world when he announced that he was parting ways with Stewart and had decided to go with one of his former trainers, John Scully as the new lead trainer. Dawson described the decision as a "great move" and emphasized the fact that he feels most comfortable working with Scully, who trained him back in 2004-2005 for Dawson's fights against Darnell Wilson, Carl Daniels, and Efrain Garcia.

Trainer John Scully describes the initial split with Dawson as "nothing personal" and seemed excited to be back with Team Dawson. Dawson went on to say that he regretted ever parting ways with John Scully in the first place and described the brief period of time that they did work together as the time that he was most happy, "And now it's like we've picked up right where we left off."

Dawson talked about how in the past few years he had grown into a "bored fighter" and described the trainer switch to Scully as just what he needed bring the best out of him. Asked what he brings to the table as an advantage over the 46 years old Hopkins, Dawson described himself as "younger and faster with better legs."

Though not known as a knockout artist, Dawson actually did say that he thinks he can hurt Bernard and get Hopkins "outta there" but he stopped short of predicting a KO victory, instead predicting a twelve round unanimous decision victory over Hopkins. As for how he hopes to achieve that against a fighter as cagy and experienced as Hopkins, Dawson stated that he wants to throw somewhere between a thousand and twelve hundred punches against Hopkins, "If Hopkins throws 30 punches a round, we want to throw 80."

Hear all of what Chad Dawson, John Scully, and Winky Wright had to say by hitting play below.

Chad Dawson battles Bernard Hopkins for the Light Heavyweight Championship of the World on October 15th on HBO PPV.