December 22, 2011

KO Digest Pound-For-Pound (P4P) Ratings Update

Andre Ward: #4 P4P

KO Digest Top 12 Pound-For-Pound

1. Floyd Mayweather (1)
2. Manny Pacquiao (2)
3. Sergio Martinez (3)
4. Andre Ward (6)
5. Juan Manuel Marquez (4)
6. Nonito Donaire (5)
7. Yuriorkis Gamboa (7)
8. Timothy Bradley (8)
9. Lucian Bute (9)
10. Miguel Cotto (11)
11. Wladimir Klitschko (12)
12. Vitali Klitschko (-)

Andre Ward is the big P4P mover following his incredibly impressive showing against Carl Froch to win the Super 6 and establish himself as the best super middleweight in the world. Ward shoots up like the rising P4P star he is from #6 to #4. The best way to climb the KO Digest P4P rankings is by beating others fighters rated P4P and that is just what Ward did, beating a fighter (Froch) that we had rated #10 P4P at the time of the Ward-Froch fight. Ward's dominating defeat of Froch moves him up two notches while Froch exits the KO Digest P4P rankings, falling just off the list from #10 and making room for Vitali Klitschko, new at #12, just below his brother Wladimir.

Vitali has been absolutely untouchable since his return to boxing in 2008 after a four year layoff. What the elder Klitschko has been able to accomplish in his comeback warrants his current P4P rating and may ultimately earn him a place in history alongside the best heavyweights of all time. Not all fans appreciate the Klitschko Brothers but their talent, longevity, and success can no longer be denied.

Vitali & Wladimir: The Brothers Klitschko