April 26, 2012

Money Talks: Mayweather Media Conference Call Highlights

Whoever said talk was cheap?
Money talks, and when he does - people listen. Such was the case yesterday as Floyd "Money" Mayweather hosted an international media conference call in promotion for his fast approaching May 5th mega-fight against Puerto Rican superstar Miguel Cotto. The fight, which will be held in Las Vegas and aired on HBO PPV, is for Cotto's WBA junior middleweight title. It's Mayweather's first fight since his controversial demolition of Victor Ortiz last September to claim the WBC welterweight title.

Here are some of the more interesting things Money Mayweather had to say yesterday.

On the LOVE/HATE relationship he has with boxing fans: "When I go into an arena, if the fans are cheering, that's a great thing. If the fans boo, that's a great thing too because they're letting me know I'm relevant, that they know who I am. If they didn't make noise, then I'd have a problem with that. When they boo, or cheer - they know who I am. I'm relevant and at one point in their life, they paid attention to me. It's a good thing."

On the role of 50 Cent with Team Mayweather: "We don't just have a friendship, we have a tremendous bond. 50 is getting involved with boxing, he's gonna be involved in promotion. He's one of my business partners. He's a part of Mayweather Promotions. We might even let him fight on a Pay Per View card. He boxed at one time - Southside Jamaica Queens, he was a rough tough kid."

On mandatory, random drug testing in boxing: "I'm the face of boxing. I have totally changed the sport of boxing and I'm the reason why people don't talk about heavyweights anymore. I'm doing record breaking numbers. Since I'm the face of the sport, I should always be trying to change the sport and make the sport a lot better. The best thing is to always put every man on an even playing field. Manny Pacquiao should be standing behind me and saying we should clean up the sport and that he's a clean athlete. I'm letting the world know that Floyd Mayweather is a clean athlete. Eventually random blood and urine testing will be a part of boxing, I truly believe that, and everyone will say Mayweather was the first one. I'll be a part of history and a part of cleaning up the sport." 

Cotto right where Mayweather wants him?

On the susceptibility of Miguel Cotto to mind tricks and psychological warfare: "It was a mind trick when Bob Arum made him fight Manny Pacquiao at a catch-weight. He fell for that didn't he? Another mind trick is when his corner didn't thoroughly check out the hand-wraps of Antonio Margarito. He fell for that didn't he? If a guy falls for certain tricks, he'll fall for it again."

On Manny Pacquiao's next opponent Timothy Bradley: "Timothy Bradley is a good young boxer, I can't take that away from him. I don't think he's gonna be an easy task for Manny Pacquiao. Does Bradley have a chance to win it? Absolutely. I thought Bradley lost to Kendall Holt but that's in the past." 

On the fighter he rates as the best he ever faced: "If I was rating certain fighters out of every guy I fought, I'm gonna rate Emanuel Burton Augustus first compared to all the guys I fought. He didn't have the best record, he never won a world title, but he came to fight. I'd have to say Emanuel Burton Augustus is #1"

On whether he thinks he can fight more than twice a year: "I don't think so. It takes months to build a Pay Per View fight, so that's only two fights a year - if that. I want to fight this fight and then five more times if I can. I want to stay active, I want to fight again in 2012 before the year is up. I want to continue to push myself to the limit."

On respect between opponents: "Come May 5th, Cotto is gonna have to make me respect his boxing skills and earn my respect. That's not something you just get from me. Marquez, he made me earn his respect. Shane Mosley made me respect his power. I'm pretty sure they respect my fighting skills also." 

On catchweight fights in boxing:  "I never fought at a catchweight. I don't fight guys at a catchweight. I don't put plaster in my gloves."

Describing his style in the ring: "I have my own style. You have southpaw, you have orthodox, and you have Mayweather style."

On Manny Pacquiao: "I could care less what Manny Pacquiao is doing."

Here's what Manny's doing!