August 25, 2011

Title Bout: Alexis Arguello vs Julio Cesar Chavez

In this "Title Bout" DREAM fight between all time great junior welterweights from the past, a strange tempo for the fight was set  early in the first round when Alexis Arguello hit Chavez very low below the belt, and despite his insistence that it was unintentional, Chavez was incensed by this and from that point on fought like a man possessed. Despite losing the first two rounds and being cut slightly under the left eye, Chavez came on very strong in the third and dropped Arguello with a combination of punches for a 5 count.

Seconds later, a right cross from Chavez had Arguello down again, and in a heap of trouble. Arguello made it up by 9 and was fortunate the bell rang to end the round. With Arguello's left eye now swelling rapidly, Chavez found it easier to land punches on Arguello in the 4th and he opened a nasty gash over the right eye of Arguello who was now starting to look a terrible mess. In the 5th, Chavez quickly reopened the cut over Arguello's eye and suddenly Arguello looked like Chavez did against De La Hoya in their bloody first battle.

The referee stopped the action to have the ringside physician have a look at the cut and it was ruled that Arguello could not continue, awarding a TKO victory to Julio Cesar Chavez.

Result: 1991 Chavez TKO5 1982 Arguello
Time of the stoppage: 2:14 of round 5.
Score at the time of stoppage: 39-35, 38-36, and 38-36, all in favor of Chavez.