August 25, 2011

Zavek vs Berto media conference call gets heated!

On an international media conference call today to promote the upcoming Jan Zavek vs Andre Berto IBF Welterweight Title fight, promoter Lou DiBella and Andre Berto both took exception to KO Digest's questions as to whether or not Andre Berto is concerned about becoming a forgotten fighter in the sport of boxing after losing earlier this year to Victor Ortiz. Since that fight, Ortiz of course has gone on to secure a Superfight against megastar Floyd Mayweather while Berto now faces the prospect of fighting a relatively unknown belt holder in Jan Zavek; in Mississippi of all places! DiBella called this line of questioning "disrespectful" and seemed to go into full spin mode for his fighters. Berto also refused to answer KO Digest's questions about his recent Twitter allegations that Victor Ortiz was on steroids for their fight. Dan Rafael from ESPN tried to follow up along those lines but seemed to get equally as unsatisfactory an answer from Berto, who probably wished he had never made those Tweets in the first place.

As conference calls go, this one was a heated one, and fun to be a part of.

Hit play below to hear the whole call.