November 25, 2013

Bantamweights & Below - Boxing's Other Five Weight Divisions Vol. 11

Donaire explodes on Darchinyan at Flyweight
By Derek "DBO" Bonnett One of the greatest fallacies promulgated by casual boxing fans in their dismissal of the lighter weight classes is that smaller fighters don't hit hard. Heavyweights score KO's and flyweights go the distance, some say. However, what is being grossly overlooked is that heavyweights sometimes have to hear the final bell as well and the flyweights are often the ones going home early. One's passion for various divisions is often impacted by the body type of the individual who is watching; that person's geographical region also plays a significant role. Even still, it does not make that initial, misguided, sentiment any more true. The truth of the matter is that if a casual fan cannot see the equally explosive nature of the lighter weight classes, then they were simply not paying attention in eras when Ricardo Lopez, Michael Carbajal, Mark Johnson, Vic Darchinyan, Nonito Donaire, Khaosai Galaxy, Ruben Olivares, and Rafael Marquez were regularly taking the scalps of title challengers and contenders without the need of judges or a final bell.

Sure, in that time you had Myung Woo Yuh and Ivan Calderon, who couldn't pop a pimple but the heavyweight division has also had its share of decision earners in Jack Sharkey, James Braddock, Chris Byrd, and John Ruiz over the ages. The bottom line in boxing is: power is relative. A two hundred pound man can hurt another two hundred pound man just the same as a one hundred pound man hitting another one hundred pound man. Some two hundred pound men hit harder than other two hundred pounders and the same rationale applies to the boxers competing at Bantamweight & Below. 

World Class Boxing Results at Bantamweight & Below:

Marquez cracks Segura in a Fight of the Year candidate
On Saturday, November 2, at Centro de Usos Multiples, Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico, Hernan Marquez was stopped in the twelfth round by Giovani Segura in a crucial flyweight bout. Segura dropped Marquez in the fourth, eleventh, and twelfth rounds. The fight was waved off with about a minute to go in the fight despite conflicting time reports. Segura raised his ledger to 31-3-1 (27) with the career best win. He now eyes Juan Francisco Estrada for a shot at the WBO/WBA titles. Marquez fell to 36-4 (26) in a game showing. Segura jumped from ninth to fifth among my dynamic pack of flyweights. Marquez fell from fifth to eighth. Luis Concepcion was pushed from eighth to ninth.

Also on this date, at Emperor's Palace, Kempton Park, Gauteng, South Africa, Hekkie Budler dropped Hugo Hernan Verchelli three times in round four of a minimumweight bout. The fight was waved off by the referee. Budler raised his ledger to 24-1 (7). Verchelli fell to 11-2 (6).
Budler affirmed his status as my number one boxer at 105-pounds.

On Sunday, November 10, in Kokukigan, Tokyo, Japan, Shinsuke Yamanaka stopped Alberto Guevara in nine rounds of a WBC bantamweight title bout. Yamanaka dropped Guevara twice in the eighth and once in the ninth. The bout ended at the :25 mark. Yamanaka earned his fifth title defense in raising his record to 20-0-2 (15). Yamanaka left no room for doubt concerning his number one ranking among my assessment of today's bantamweights. Also on the card, Roman Gonzalez stopped Oscar Blanquet in a two rounds of a flyweight bout. Gonzalez dropped Blanquet in the first before finishing him along the ropes at the :27 mark. Gonzalez raised his record to 37-0 (31) as he pursues his third world title in as many divisions. Blanquet crashed to 32-7-1 (23). Gonzalez has moved up in weight to 112 and is ranked number one in my eyes having already defeated Juan Francisco Estrada, who recently had been in the top spot after his defeat of Brian Viloria.

Rungvisai (R) beats Mukai in 9 to defend his WBC title
On Friday, November 15, at Provincial Stadium, Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand, Srisaket Sor Rungvisai defended his WBC super flyweight title against Hirofumi Mukai with a ninth round TKO. The end came at 1:44. Rungvisai made his first defense of the title which sandwiched three non-title fights wins with his title winning effort. Rungvisai improved to 23-3-1 (21). Rungvisai climbed from number two to number one in my super flyweight rankings with the victory. Omar Andres Narvaez fell from first to second. Also on the card, Suriyan Sor Rungvisai scored his eighth win of 2013 with a second round stoppage of Singnamchai Chaiyonggym. Rungvisai raised his ledger to 31-5-1 (13). Chaiyonggym was reportedly making his pro debut.

Kameda (L) came off the mat to beat Son by split decision
On Tuesday, November 19, Convention Center, Jeju, South Korea, Koki Kameda defeated Jung-Oh Son by split decision in a twelve round WBA bantamweight title bout. The South Korean challenger dropped Kameda in the tenth round, but could only manage to sway one judge in his favor. Kameda retained his belt for the eighth time by scores of 115-112, 114.5-114, and 113-115.5. The Japanese champion raised his record to 32-1 (17). Son dipped to 20-5-2 (6). Kameda remains my third ranked bantamweight.

On Saturday, November 23, at Cotai Arena, Venetian Resort, Macao, Macao, S.A.R., China, Zou Shiming outpointed Juan Tozcano in a six round flyweight bout. Shiming opened up a bad cut under Tozcano's right eye. The three judges favored the former amateur star by scored of 60-52 and two counts of 60-54. Shiming raised his record to 3-0 (0). Tozcano dipped to 4-1 (1).

Bantamweight & Below Featured Rankings: Best Punchers

Giovani Segura is the top power puncher 
1.) Giovani Segura (112) 31-3-1 (27) ~ Former WBA/WBO Light Flyweight Champion ~ Recent Stoppages: KO12 Hernan Marquez, KO4 Jonathon Gonzalez, TKO9 Omar Salado ~ Notable Fact:
Segura has eleven first round KO's.

2.) Brian Viloria (112) 32-4-1 (19) ~ Former WBA/WBO Flyweight Champion; Former WBC/IBF Light Flyweight Champion ~ Recent Stoppages: TKO10 Hernan Marquez, TKO9 Omar Nino Romero, TKO 8 Giovani Segura ~ Notable Fact:
Viloria has KO'd six world champions.

3.) Roman Gonzalez (112) 37-0-0 (31) ~ Former WBA Minimum and Light Flyweight Champion ~ Recent Stoppages: TKO2 Oscar Blanquet, TKO7 Francisco Rodriguez Jr., TKO5 Ronald Barrera ~ Notable Fact: Gonzalez started his career with sixteen straight stoppages.

4.) Kazuto Ioka (108) 13-0-0 (9) ~ WBA Light Flyweight Champion; Former WBA/WBC Minimumweight Champion ~ Recent Stoppages: KO7 Kwanthai Sithmorseng, KO9 Wisanu Kokietgym, TKO6 Jose Alfredo Rodriguez ~ Notable Fact: Ioka is 6-0 in world title fights with four of those wins having come inside of the distance.

5.) Shinsuke Yamanaka (118) 20-0-2 (15) ~ WBC Bantamweight Champion ~ Recent Stoppages: KO9 Alberto Guevara, KO12 Malcolm Tunacao ~ Notable Fact: More than half his KO's have come after the seventh round.

6.) Denver Cuello (105) 33-5-6 (21) ~ Recent WBC Minimumweight Title Challenger ~ Recent Stoppages: TKO2 Ganigan Lopez, KO4 Kid Suryana, KO1 Carlos Perez ~ Notable Fact: Cuello once went on a ten-fight KO streak.

Marquez shows why they call him Tyson
7.) Hernan Marquez (112) 36-4-0 (26) ~ Former WBA Flyweight Champion ~ Recent Stoppages: TKO 3 Edgar Ramirez, TKO1 Luis Concepcion, TKO3 Edrin Dapudong ~ Notable Fact: All three of Marquez' title fight wins have ended by stoppage.

8.) Luis Concepcion (112) 30-3-0 (22) ~ Former WBA Flyweight Champion ~ Recent Stoppages: KO10 Carlos Ruben Dario Ruiz, TKO6 Anuar Salas, TKO2 Odilon Zaleta ~ Notable Fact: Concepcion has scored eleven knockdowns in his last seven fights.

9.) Julio Ceja (118) 25-1-0 (23) ~ Recent IBF Bantamweight World Title Challenger ~ Recent Stoppages: TKO10 Juan Jose Montes, KO5 Henry Maldonado, KO2 Eden Marquez ~
Notable Fact: Since his second fight, Ceja has only had to go the distance once in victory.

10.) Carlos Cuadras (115) 28-0-0 (23) ~ #1 Ranked WBC Super Flyweight Contender ~ 
Recent Stoppages: TKO7 Victor Zaleta, TKO7 Ronald Barrera, KO5 Javier Franco ~ Notable Fact:
Fifteen of Cuadras' KOs have ended in two rounds or less.

Honorable Mention: Srisaket Sor Rungvisai (115) 23-03-1 (21) ~ WBC Super Flyweight Champion ~ Recent Stoppages: TKO9 Hirofumi Mukai, KO2 Petch Pitigym, TKO2 Joan Imperial ~ Notable Fact:
After a 1-3-1 pro-start, Rungvisai has stopped eighteen of twenty opponents.

Bantamweight & Below: Give That Man a Title Shot! 

A title shot seems a natural for Segura in 2014
Giovani Segura just might be the 2013 Comeback Fighter of the Year. Since losing a 2011 world title shot against Brian Viloria and disappearing for all of 2012, the Mexican power-puncher has gone 3-1, only losing a narrow points decision to one of the world's best flyweights in Edgar Sosa. In his last two outings, Segura, 31, has appeared stronger than ever in stopping unbeaten Puerto Rican prospect Jonathon Gonzalez and former world champion Hernan Marquez. In each outing, he dropped his opponent three times. The win over Marquez is a strong candidate for 2013 Fight of the Year. It has also been rumored to have secured a world title fight with Viloria-conqueror Juan Francisco Estrada. The WBO ranks Segura, a resident of Bell, California, USA, first while the WBA ranks him second. Estrada presently holds both titles.

Bantamweights & Below — On the Horizon: 

On Saturday, November 30, at Araneta Coliseum, Barangay Cubao, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines, Donnie Nietes versus Sammy Gutierrez in a twelve round WBO light flyweight title bout. The fortunate champion takes on the rugged former titlist on the slide. Also on the card, Merlito Sabillo takes on Carlos Buitrago in a twelve round WBO minimumweight title bout. Milan Melindo also meets Jose Alfredo Rodriguez in a twelve round flyweight bout. The two rising Filipino stars have their work cut out for them.

On Saturday, November 30, in Maguan, China, Xiong Zhau Zhong meets Omari Kimweri in a WBC minimumweight title bout over twelve rounds. China's real star looks to extend his title reign at 105.

On Tuesday, December 3, at Bodymaker Colosseum, Osaka, Osaka, Japan, Tomoki Kameda versus Immanuel Naidjala in a twelve round WBO bantamweight title bout. One third of the historic Kameda clan defends his title for the first time. Also on the card, Daiki Kameda versus Liborio Solis in a twelve round IBF/WBA super flyweight unification bout. Katsunari Takayama also faces Vergilio Silvano in a twelve round IBF minimumweight title bout.

On Friday, December 6, in Kokukigan, Tokyo, Japan, Akira Yaegashi takes on Edgar Sosa in a twelve round WBC flyweight title bout. Mexico's Sosa continues his march to 2013 Fighter of the Year contention.

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