August 26, 2014

Marcos Maidana media conference call — "It's better for him to stop crying"

El Chino on the Money
Just a few weeks away from his scheduled September 13 rematch against Floyd Mayweather Jr, Marcos Maidana and his trainer Robert Garcia were asked by the boxing media if they in fact got this lucrative Mayweather redux because "El Chino" earned it in the first fight last May or because Money May needs an economically viable Pay-Per-View fight on Showtime. To his credit, Maidana was diplomatic in his response but the more outspoken Garcia was much more direct. "Floyd had no other options. He was forced to give us a rematch. There were no other names out there that made any sense to sell PPV's and to please the fans." 

Here are some of the topics that Maidana himself spoke on through a translator during a break from an 8-week training camp in Oxnard, CA that's included sparring with Mikey Garcia and Thomas Dulorme.  

On what this rematch means to him as a fighter: "I want to beat him this time. I let him get away the first fight. I'm going to be on him, forcing him to fight so I want him to stand and fight me like a man and stop running and crying like a little bitch."

Maidana says Mayweather does "things" in there
On what he'll do differently this time to ensure a win: "Focus on my distance control and not smother my own punches. I'll hit him on the arms and on the shoulders. He's going to be so tired from my punches that he won't be able to defend himself. I'm not going to get tired."

On what he'll do if Mayweather "runs" all night long instead of engaging: "I'm preparing for anything. I hope he stands and fights but if I have to chase that little bitch all around the ring again, I will."

On comparisons to the Mayweather-Castillo rematch, the only sequel of the undefeated Mayweather's career to this point: "I'm sure he can change and have a different game plan. I'm not going to change. Trying again, I'm hoping that I will be able to force him to fight."

On the notion that winning a decision against Mayweather is impossible: "I can win a decision or by knockout. The first fight was close, a split decision. When we first fought, I thought I wasn’t going to be able to see him, but I found him in the ring many times. I'll use more pressure this time, and win."

KO's Asterisk: All boxing quotes published through translation come with a free grain of salt.

Little bitch, little bitch, let me win