August 22, 2011

Title Bout: Jack Dempsey vs Joe Frazier

In this "Title Bout" DREAM fight between these two hard hitting Heavyweight Champions, Dempsey got things going early as he staggered Frazier with a powerful uppercut in the very first round. Dempsey continued his early success by cutting Frazier on the bridge of the nose and then again staggered Frazier in the 4th, this time with a powerful right cross. A frenzied Dempsey tried to finish off the hurt Frazier, but missed more than he landed and may have punched himself out a bit as in the very next round Smokin Joe came roaring back into the fight dropping Dempsey with a huge left hook for a 5 count at the end of the 5th round. The bell rang as Dempsey got up, saving him from any follow up punches.

The 6th was action packed as Dempsey was all over Frazier with vicious combinations and uppercuts, until Frazier came back by staggering Dempsey with a whistling left hook at the bell to close the round. In the 9th round, Frazier struck again late in the round with a right uppercut and Dempsey was down for the second time in the fight, this time rising at 8, but again, fortunately for him, he heard the bell to save him from further punishment. Dempsey was relentless however and he staggered Joe with a left uppercut of his own in the 10th. Dempsey started showing signs of fatigue in the 11th round and was also warned in this round for rabbit punching.

With Dempsey tiring, Joe Frazier closed the championship rounds strong, cutting Dempsey under the left eye in the 12th, and stunning him with a left hook in the 15th and final round. Frazier won a hard fought, tough majority decision over Jack Dempsey.

Result: Joe Frazier W15 Jack Dempsey
Scores: 144-139 & 144-139 Frazier, and 141-141 Even. 

As for the stats:

Dempsey and Frazier both rate highly in punching power, Dempsey gets a 9, and Frazier gets a 10, the highest HP (hitting power) possible. As for chins, Demsey's is rated a little better, his KDR1 is rated as a 2, and Frazier's rating is a 3. KDR1 is knock down resistance, the lower your score the better your chin, the less likely you are to be knocked down. Hagler for example gets a 1 for his KDR1. Dempsey has a 2, Frazier a 3. KDR2 is similar to KDR1 but is a rating that is added to the KDR1 when a fighter has been knocked down, so it reflects how much more vulnerable a fighter is after being knocked down, and for the remained of that round. Dempsey gets a 0, the best possible and Frazier gets a 1. KOR is Knockout resistance and both score a 2, with 1 being the best possible. They both have excellent endurance, but the reason Dempsey grew tired in the 11th was due to the fact that he had been knocked down twice in the fight and had another round where enough punches were landed against him to warrant a reduction in his stamina. By the 11th, he began to show signs of fatigue which included reduced hitting effectiveness and accuracy as well as a few other variables. As for defense, the range on that is -6 to +6, with -6 being the best. Dempsey's defense is Even, meaning that nothing is taken away from or added to his opponent's range of landing punches, and Frazier rated a +2 on defense, which means +2 is added to his opponent's range for punches landed.