August 15, 2011

Title Bout: Marvin Hagler vs Les Darcy

Marvelous Marvin Hagler vs Les Darcy
Scheduled for 15 Rounds

This "Title Bout" DREAM fight featured a pair of firsts as Les Darcy was the first fighter to ever legitimately knock down Marvin Hagler, but Marvin Hagler was the first fighter to ever knockout Les Darcy! What a great fight this was while it lasted! Hagler began the fight as a southpaw and found success as a boxer. The early chess match was won by Hagler as he controlled the first two rounds, landing the better and more effective shots in each round, including a combination that staggered Darcy in the 2nd. Midway through the 3rd round though, Darcy surprised everyone by dropping Hagler with a short left hook inside. The punch legitimately hurt Hagler, who rose at 8.

Hagler held on though and even stunned Darcy to close out the round. With the knockdown seeming to only make him upset, Hagler switched from boxer to slugger and won the 4th round with effective aggression and then early in the 5th round, Hagler landed a perfect right cross that dropped Darcy to the canvas where the referee counted him out.

Result: Marvin Hagler KO5 Les Darcy
Time of the knockout: 0:36 of the 5th round.
Scores at the time of KO: 38-37, 38-37, 38-37

As for their stats: Hagler's resistance to being knocked down is as strong as the game can make it (KDR 1), as is Darcy's resistance to being knocked out as strong as the game can make it (KOR 1). It was quite surprising to see Hagler knocked down, and maybe just as surprising to see Darcy stopped. Keep in mind, it's just a simulation based on statistics and in both cases, long odds were overcome to achieve those unique results. Darcy dropping Hagler might have been the more surprising of the two however because Darcy's power, though respectable (HP7) did not cause an increase in the likelihood of Hagler being knocked down, though Hagler's power (HP9) DID cause an increase in the likelihood that Darcy would be knocked down AND also out.

And for those who might be unfamiliar with Les Darcy, the back of his fighter card reads: One of the best of the middleweights, never held the crown. The Australian welterweight champ held his own against all the fighters of his day, including Americans. He, like so many others of this time period, laid claim to the middlweight crown, but never held it officially. Darcy came to America to fight during WWI, was hounded and prevented from fighting, being called a slacker because he wasn't in the service. He died of mental breakdown and fever in 1917. He was never stopped in his career in the ring.

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