August 18, 2011

Title Bout: Mike Tyson vs George Foreman in 1991

A fight that could have happened but never did. Until now! Mike Tyson was coming back from his upset KO loss to Buster Douglas in February of 1990 and was back on a tear through the division, stopping inferior opposition through the rest of 1990 and then stepping up with a pair of wins over Razor Ruddock in the first half of 1991. During this same time period, Big George was coming off his unexpectedly competitive fight with Heavyweight Champion Evander Holyfield so the fight everyone wanted to see was a natural at this point in time.

Tyson vs Foreman!

Both fighters were paid millions and knew a win would put them right back in the title picture.

Tyson won this "Title Bout" DREAM fight by TKO from an accumulation of punishment in the 4th round after dropping Big George with a vicious combination of punches early in the round. Foreman quickly got to his feet by the count of 3 but was relentlessly pounded by an onrushing Mike Tyson who showed his trademark killer instinct. With Foreman no longer defending himself and Tyson teeing off on him, the referee stepped in to stop the fight. Foreman landed a few hard punches in the 2nd and kept it close in a slow opening round but for the most part, it was all Tyson.

Result: Tyson KO4 Foreman
Time of the stoppage: 1:48 of the 4th round.
Scores at the time of stoppage: Judge 1: 29-28 Tyson, Judges 2 & 3 30-27 Tyson.